Distilleerketel PREMIUM DWPA 500 L

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Product from the PREMIUM series, designed for medium and large quantities of distillate.
WBC- Water bath classic. The still is made for maximum stability and efficiency !
Pure electrolytic copper, 99.99 % !
CIP System for automatic cleaning-easy maintenance !
Automatic mixer system-electric motor, reducer and timer!

The PREMIUM WBC still has a net capacity of 500 L, made from 99.99 % pure electrolytic copper. The furnace and water bath is made from stainless steel designed for solid fuel heating, with an operating pressure 0.5 Bar and temperature of 104-120 °C. In order to insure energy efficiency, the furnace has a firebrick insulation. An optional gas heating system or electric system with ED-PM-termopolimer insulation is available. The cooler has a constant water flow system for maximum efficiency made from acid-water resistant stainless steel and functions according to industrial standards.

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