Distilleerketel DWPA 300 L PREMIUM 6 chamber column GIN distillation

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1. The furnace is made of stainless steel, designed for wood or electric heating , with working pressure of 0,5 Bar and temperature of 110 ℃. To ensure energy efficiency, the furnace is insulated with stone wool. The advantages of this heating system are: Accelerated energy efficiency / reduced energy consumption;
Balanced operation and high stability of the system during the entire distillation process;
The water bath completely eliminates the risk of burning the boiler.
Also, the device offers the possibility of direct injection of access steam from the furnace into the boiler during the distillation process, if clean water is used, thus accelerating the process of heating by approx. 25%.
2. The DWPABPC boiler has a net capacity of 300l – 1,500l, made of pure DHP electrolytic copper. The shape of the boiler is concave, designed for the uniform circulation of the mash/wash during the mixing process. The mixer is positioned diagonally at 90 RPM, thus offering reduced stress and higher efficiency.
3. The lid is designed for maximum quality, positioned in the center of the boiler with a large diameter in the spherical part thus ensuring an accelerated reflux process during distillation. The process is strictly related to the inner surface of the lid, where the interaction with the alcoholic vapor is partially condensed on the wall of the lid and thus leads to reflux (a very important process for the quality of the distillate). The model is designed with the 54mm connecting pipe, which prevents stress in the form of pressure or vacuum in a situation where the vapors do not have sufficient inertia during the distillation process.
4. The Bubble Plate refraction column is designed for the distillation of alcoholic beverages with an ABV percentage of more than 90%, which ensures a significant interaction of the alcoholic vapor with copper and a high purification of the alcoholic vapors.
5. The dephlagmator is entirely made of copper, at an operating temperature of approx. 85 ℃. It is used for the initial condensation of vapors and the separation of alcoholic vapors (ethyl alcohol evaporates at a temperature starting from 78.15 ℃) from water vapor that evaporates at a higher temperature than the working temperature of the dephlagmator.
6. The cooling system is with continuous water flow, made of stainless steel resistant to water stone and corosion and works according to the industrial cooling principles. In this way, it ensures a stable cooling under controlled conditions and a very good energy efficiency in terms of water consumption.
7. The system is equipped with one or more devices to add the botanicals for flavoring the finished drink according to the GIN production technology.
8. CIP The cleaning in place system of the device contains 10 units with sprinklers incorporated in all the components of the device and operates at a pressure of 4-5 bar.

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