Distilleerketel PREMIUM DWPA 120 L GIN BASKET

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Classic Alembic 120L still, designed for classical distillation process, especially for making gin.
This still is powerd by electric heaters, but depending on our customers individual requirements, it can be also:
– Solid fuels;
– Gas with approximately 30kW capacity gas burners; LPG or natural gas;
– we can also combine multiple ways of heating.
Net capacity of the still is 120L volume per charge for optimal performance.
Stirring is powered by electric motor operating at 96 RPM, which will provide a good circulation of the mash, resulting in very efficient extraction of alcoholic vapours from the mash.
Firebox is made from stainless still, the heaters are insert directly in the water and they heated to approximately 110 °C.

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